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Get There Tons Faster With a Qualified Coach

Ever Wondered What It Would Be Like to be
Living the Life You Always Wanted?

Imagine if you had the FREEDOM to do WHATEVER you want, WHENEVER you wanted and with WHOMEVER you want to do it….Not to mention having ALL THE MONEY you need, therefore, no more financial worries ever…

Wouldn’t that be awesome!! Well guess what….It is possible, and what if I said to you that having your DREAM LIFE is actually a step by step process that can be learnt. At Excel In Performance we have learnt this process from others who are already living their dreams. And we have made it our life’s passion to teach it to others.

Live the Extraordinary Life That Was
Intended For You

Why would you accept doing anything less than what you love? Why would you accept a life that was anything less than Inspiring, Extraordinary, Exciting and Fulfilling?

After all, you’re going to be living your life anyway so why not do it by design and with purpose so you can achieve your dreams and love what you’re doing every single day?

Today, more and more people are realising that it is actually possible to live an awesome life, and are achieving their goals, becoming wealthier, happier and more successful faster than ever before. How did they manage this?  By using a qualified coach who mentors them in the ‘thinking’ and ‘methods’ of the most successful people on the planet.

We are now in the most fortunate time in history. We’re not just in the Information Age, we are now in the ‘Era of Empowerment’ so come and learn how to empower yourself to live out your full potential.

Get the Edge Before the Rest … Find Out How To Be The First and the Best In Your Peer Group Now!

All successful people use coaches and mentors to escalate their success and propel them to the next level.  Leaders, executives, business owners, athletes, politicians all leverage off the benefits their coaches offer them.

Just call us on 1300 904 399 or email: info@excelip.com.au
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And now for the first time in history, Peak Performance Coaching is available to ordinary people at affordable prices. Smart, progressive people are realising this quickly and getting regular coaching, resulting in success in all areas of their lives such as prosperity, fitness and body shaping, relationships, career development, business success, personal growth, life balance and spirituality.

“Unless you change how you are, you will always have what you’ve got.” – Jim Rohn

From 1 – 10 How Would You Rate Your Life Right Now In Regard To:

  1. Doing what you love.
  2. Having everything you want.
  3. Your fulfilment and happiness levels.
  4. Your satisfaction with who you are.

If you rated anything less than 9 or 10, then you need to call Excel In Performance now on: 1300 904 399 or email: info@excelip.com.au to find out how you too can have the extraordinary life that was intended for you.

Ask Yourself: What’s Not Perfect Yet?

  1. Would you like to have more money?
  2. Not in the right relationship?
  3. Are you dissatisfied with your body?
  4. Do you want to be successful?
  5. Spend too much time working and not enough time living?
  6. Do you dislike your job?
  7. Do you feel down sometimes?
  8. Don’t know what you want or what to do with your life?
  9. Feeling trapped or unloved?
  10. Unable to cope…too many responsibilities?
  11. Not enough fun in your life?
  12. Want a new set of friends?
  13. Do you just want to ‘Get A Life’?
  14. Is it too scary to change and try something else?

If you answered ‘YES’ to any of the above, then here is your opportunity to make that area of your life the way you want it to be.

  1. You are here for a reason
  2. There are no accidents
  3. Regret is much more painful than discipline

So what are you waiting for? Call us now on: 1300 904 399 for an obligation free chat, and get yourself into the top 2% of the highest performers in the world – who, incidentally are currently living the extraordinary life that was intended for them. Just ask others who already have.

Life Wheel Quiz

Sometimes it’s too hard to know exactly what isn’t working the best in our lives so we use a Life Wheel to measure all the important areas of our life so we can see a two dimensional overview of how much or how little fulfillment we are getting in each one of those areas.

Life Wheel

This wheel is used to display your level of satisfaction and fulfillment relating to each area of your life, depicted as a wedge in the Life Wheel ie: The zero towards the centre of the wedge indicates no satisfaction and a 10 represents complete satisfaction. 

Download the Life Wheel and shade in the wedges depicting your life area to see your current level of fulfillment. This is generally directly proportionate to how much time you spend in that area. Look at the Life Wheel as a whole and compare each area to determine whether your life is balanced or whether one or more areas need some attention or some improvement.

How Does Your Life Wheel Look?

If your life is not at the level of happiness that you would desire, chances are that one or more of your Life Wheel wedges are showing a very low score. This indicates a general life imbalance and can be corrected very easily by talking to us here at Excel In Performance. 

Ask us any question that comes to mind.  Contact us now for a free chat and / or coaching session on how this area can be improved quickly and easily. You’ll be amazed at what you’ll find out in just one session and what immediate changes you can apply with incredible results. Ask some others how they have achieved incredible results in a very short period of time.

Just call us on 1300 904 399 or email: info@excelip.com.au
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What I’ve achieved by working with Josique has absolutely boosted my income potential and even improved my life balance which I didn’t expect. I highly recommend the investment - this is really powerful stuff.

Dimitri Koronius





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